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Hello, thanks for dropping by, I’m Philip Lamb, welcome to my website.

Royally Swept – The Chimney Sweep is my small business in Emsworth and covers surrounding areas, towns and villages.

OK, you need a chimney sweep, no problem; lets look at the ins and outs…

Why Sweep?
  • Chimneys or flues need to allow the free passage of dangerous combustion gases. Regular sweeping of your chimney will not only eliminate the build-up of creosote and soot which would hinder this, potentially causing a hazardous chimney fire, but it will also help to keep your appliance or fire running to its optimum potential.
  • You may find that your fire or appliance is less efficient than usual or that smoke is escaping back in to the room, or you may have discovered twigs or debris in the grate. The most common reason for this would be a blockage, possibly caused by a nest. If you leave these blockages in place, you run the risk of having a chimney fire or preventing the escape of deadly Carbon Monoxide gas.
  • Many people think that Carbon Monoxide only comes from gas appliances but in fact any fuel that burns creates this deadly gas. Any appliance fitted after 1 October 2010 must have a CO alarm fitted in the same room but I highly recommend that a room should have an alarm fitted regardless of the appliance’s age. I can chat with you about where the alarm should be fitted, supply the alarm and also fit it for you if required.

Prices Starting from:

Prices are for a two storey building / house. Some fire places / stoves may be dangerous or unsafe to use. I will advise these points verbally & in writing. We will also discuss actions to remedy these issues.

We offer a full range chimney sweeping services and certificationFROM £65
– Standard sweep of two story building
– Wood Burner / Multi Fuel Stove
– Open Fire
-Jet Master

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